Our investors have been deceived several times over the years and lost quite a bit of money. Here we are with an idea of developing a multimedia application and website platform to at least try to prevent this. We plan to create subscription plans that will provide our clients with proven projects so they can securely invest their money and don’t have to worry about being cheated.


The Problem we are trying to solve

Probably everyone was in a situation where you can't decide whether to believe a project or not. Most of token platforms have no standards. They are basically marketing sites where developers / owners can add their own tokens, and investors can view, rate, and share that particular token. In addition, there are paid add-on spots where developers / owners can market their tokens and catch a list of the top 10 on these platforms. We want make that decision easier by creating a website platform and social networking app that we can provide you with information so you don’t lose your hard earned money due to fraud.




The mission is simple: to provide quality information about crypto tokens for our valued members. Our team will go above and beyond to find and research each token separately. Before a new token can be added to our platform, it needs to be reviewed. Our team checks each token individually. The most important inspections performed:

  • Honeypot check

  • Buy/Sell fees

  • Ownership

  • ContractWebsite

  • Project

  • Contract

  • modifiersScam

  • codeHidden

  • mintsLiquidity

  • Top 5 holders

  • Locks (LP and Token)

In order for the token to be displayed on our platform, it must meet special conditions. Developers/Tokenowners cannot addtokens to our platform, tokens are found and added to the platform by our team after they go into thorough investigation.


Market figures

According to a report from London-based firm Elliptic,more than $10 billion worth of user funds has been stolenin cases of fraud and theft on DeFi products, which aimto replicate traditional financial services using blockchaintechnology.DeFi has often been referred to as the “Wild West” ofcryptocurrencies. Such services often promise usershuge returns but lack any involvement from middlemenlike banks. High-interest rate savings and lendingproducts are a common sight in the space.Overall losses caused by DeFi exploits has totaled $12billion so far in 2021, according to Elliptic, a firm whichtracks movements of funds on the digital ledgers thatunderpin cryptocurrencies.Over the last two years, the total amount of moneydeposited at DeFi services has spiked from just $500million to $247 billion.


The token

WifeShiba Inu ($WIFESHIB)

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
8 % buy tax
8 % sell tax


  • 1 Quadrillion of total supply

  • 1 % of total supply for airdrop

  • 40 % of total supply for liquidity

  • Buy/Sell fee: 8%

Ownership: Renounced

The token has no owner which means no one can manage the functions from the contract making it safe to trade.


Vision, Roadmap


✅ Contract deployed 
✅ Token launch
✅ Listing on Pancakeswap
✅ First marketing campaign
❌ 1,000 Holders

Q4 2021

✅ Website launch

✅ WIFESHIBA Pool (LP Farming&Staking) Pancakeswap
✅ Second marketing campaign
✅ Airdrop

Q1 2022

✅ Developed project (FXCap.org)
✅ Partnership with 8 Listing applications.
➡️ Charity donation

➡️ 1,000 Holders

Q2 2022

➡️ Listing on major trackers
➡️ Opening a second project (NFT)